Lakewood, CA – WRD today hosted an important meeting by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to a standing room only audience.  The purpose of the meeting was for CDPH to present its latest draft recycled water recharge regulations to the general public.  The regulations describe the requirements for future groundwater recharge projects that use recycled water, including WRD’s projects in the Montebello Forebay spreading grounds, the Groundwater Reliability Improvement Program and the Leo J. Vander Lans treatment plant expansion.  Over 75 people from surrounding areas attended, including representatives from Orange County Water District, West Basin Municipal Water District, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, and many others.  Two additional workshops cover the same topic: one was held on December 5, 2011 in Riverside and one is scheduled on December 13, 2011 in Richmond.
CDPH issued its latest version of the draft recycled water recharge regulations on November 21, 2011 after holding several internal meetings with a select group of industry experts who served as an advisory committee.  WRD Chief Hydrogeologist Ted Johnson was one of the few outside parties that participated in shaping the current draft regulations.
The workshop included an overview and background Information on the draft report given by Cindy Forbes, Southern California Field Operations Branch Chief with the Division of Drinking Water and Environmental Management (DDWEM).  Also, an explanation of the revised draft Groundwater Replenishment Regulations was presented by Bob Hultquist and Brian Bernados with DDWEM.  DDWM Section Chief Kurt Souza wrapped up by providing information on the implementation of groundwater replenishment projects. The presentations were followed by discussion among peers in the groundwater field.
“WRD is happy to bring our stakeholders information to protect water quality for all regions of the state,” said President Sergio Calderon. “We view it as part of our mission to be a good neighbor.”